Fine Art Photography by Alexandre Poustovoit

"There are worlds of experience beyond the world of the aggressive man, beyond history, and beyond science. The moods and qualities on nature and the revelations of great art are equally difficult to define; we can grasp them only in the depths of our perceptive spirit."

- Ansel Adams

You can sense life in Alexandre Poustovoit's images... it is almost as though, at any moment, you may understand it, grasp its true essence, and solve the eternal riddle of existence!

Alexandre Poustovoit was born and schooled in Russia, where he enjoyed a successful career as an oil & gas geologist. This role, over many years, allowed him to explore half of Russia creating an opportunity for him to immerse himself in his love for petrography and his increasingly intimate knowledge of the unique beauty of rocks and minerals. In 1998 Alexandre moved from Russia to Canada, involving an extreme cultural shift which has been exciting for him.

Alexandre first discovered a passion for art when he was young; however, he was only able to pursue his creative talents after arriving in Calgary. He studied both Graphic Arts and Design & Layout at the University of Calgary, and it was then that he discovered photography.

Through his vast array of life experience, Alexandre has been continually reminded that we are all connected through our planet. He believes that despite cultural, language, religious or any perceived difference, we are all just human beings living in a truly remarkable and breathtaking environment. Photography has allowed him to enjoy an extensive range of interests - he is captivated by the magic of mountains, rivers, seas, the beauty of plants and flowers, and the awesome power and grace of animals - he hopes his work will engage an immediate link between the artist and his audience, taking the latter on a fascinating tour of the planet Earth. Every building, window, wall, staircase, and bridge tells the story of its creators and inhabitants and within these images one may witness examples of both human genius and frailty.

Alexandre hopes his images will kindle in you feelings of joy and wonder together with a renewed commitment to harmony and humility in the world.